Starbucks Introduces Perú Mujeres de Junín, a Celebration of Women in Coffee

Starbucks launches a new single-origin coffee sourced exclusively from a group of women farmers in the Junín region of Peru, positively impacting the community and uplifting women.

Seattle, Washington, June 27 – Today,Starbucks proudly introduces Starbucks® Perú Mujeres de Junín, a medium roast celebrating the exceptional virtues of Peruvian coffee. Inspired by Pachamama, or “Earth Mother,” this exquisite single-origin blend will be available in 20 markets across the Latin America and the Caribbean region from June 27 to August 21, 2023, as part of Starbucks Summer 2/Winter seasonal campaign.

Starbucks® Perú Mujeres de Junín was produced by a group of over 130 women-farmers, part of a larger producer association known as “Caniari”, located in the Junín region of Central Peru. Though the company has worked with Caniari for several years, this is the first time Starbucks has sourced from this group exclusively. 

Starbucks has offered coffee from Peru since 1971, with a blend from the Chanchamayo region on the company’s original menu. Today, Starbucks® Perú Mujeres de Junín launches in celebration of 20 years since Starbucks first opened stores in Peru and the rich history and passion shared with customers and partners (employees) in the region.

Representing Love and Passion

Starbucks® Perú Mujeres de Junín represents the love and passion that women coffee farmers deliver in everything they do and encompasses part of their story. The dedication of Latin American women is one of the most important ingredients to create lands where both coffee and the dreams of coffee growers can sustain generations.

With the launch of Starbucks® Perú Mujeres de Junín – and through the support of the “We Are All Coffee” (“Todos Somos Café”) initiative – Starbucks Peru and Starbucks Coffee Company will be funding 40 coffee drying beds and a coffee quality lab for the community of Pangoa in Junín. This will have a significant impact on the quality of coffee production, as it will allow local coffee growers to better evaluate important characteristics of the coffee, such as aroma, flavor, and acidity.

The “We Are All Coffee” initiative complements The Starbucks Foundation’s goal to positively impact 1 million women and girls in coffee-, tea- and cocoa-growing communities by 2030. Earlier this year, The Starbucks Foundation and international nonprofit TechnoServe announced the launch of the Mujeres CAFÉ initiative to help uplift women in Peruvian coffee communities. Data from TechnoServe shows that, on average, men earn 29% more than women farmers overall and 45% more from coffee sales. Women-led farms face several obstacles to profiting equally from the coffee sector, including less access to land, agricultural training, and financing.

Leveraging the work of the Coffee Alliance for Excellence (CAFE) program, a USAID initiative, Mujeres CAFÉ will work with 1,300 women in coffee farming communities across Peru to develop their leadership and communications skills and take on a greater role in household and community decision-making.

“We are tremendously proud of this seasonal coffee and the inspiring women that cultivated it,” said Kelly Goodejohn, vice president of Starbucks Global Coffee, Sustainability and Education. “By celebrating the role of women in coffee and the heritage and traditions of coffee-growing regions, Starbucks strives to uplift communities, build bridges and foster a sense of belonging.”

A Distinctive Coffee Growing Region

With a unique topography in the Central Highlands of Peru that straddles rainy jungles and dry mountains, coffee grown in Junín is nourished by ideal microclimates.  Grown at altitudes as high as 6,000 feet with nighttime temperatures as cold as 40°F, coffee cherries in Junín mature slowly, developing complex flavors.

With notes of sweet meringue and chocolate, Starbucks® Perú Mujeres de Junín honors the rich history and passion Starbucks shares with customers and partners in Peru and the greater Latin America and Caribbean region.  

Starbucks buys more coffee from Latin America than any other region because of its consistent taste and quality. In addition to single-origin favorites from Peru, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil and more, Latin American coffees are the foundation of many of the brand’s most beloved blends.

For more information on the Starbucks® Perú Mujeres de Junín whole bean coffee, beverages available this season and Starbucks on-going commitment to coffee communities, visit Starbucks Stories & News Latin America.