Starbucks Introduces Chunqui Whole Bean Coffee, Produced by Coffee Growers in Northern Peru

The brand invites customers to enjoy the aromas and flavors of Starbucks® Single-Origin Peru Chunqui, grown in the Cajamarca and San Martín regions

Lima, Peru – Starbucks, managed by retail operator Delosi in Peru, today announced the launch of Starbucks® Single-Origin Peru Chunqui Whole Bean Coffee, available in stores across the market through August. Delightfully smooth with revealing notes of dusted cocoa and bright lemongrass, each cup is a timeless tribute to the noble lands of Cajamarca and San Martín in Peru’s northern highlands.

What is "chunqui"?

One of South America’s primary coffee producing locations, Peru’s boundless biodiversity and tropical latitude creates a blessed paradise to grow exceptional coffee. Chunqui – a name inspired by the ancient Inca Empire – is centered on the tradition of small coffee bean-producing communities nestled in the jungle of Cajamarca and San Martín, Peruvian regions with the highest coffee production due to their temperate climate and fertile soil.

We are very pleased to present Peru Chunqui, an extraordinary coffee grown in the Cajamarca and San Martín regions, where producers are committed to investing in their workers, improving the quality of the coffee and developing a noble and sustainable standard of living for their community,” said Cristel Delgado, Brand Manager at Starbucks Peru and Bolivia.

A long-term commitment to Peruvian coffee growers

Since its founding in 1971, Starbucks has maintained a strong link with Latin America and its coffee producers. Each cup of coffee represents the brand's commitment to ensuring a sustainable future of coffee for all – working to ensure the best possible outcomes for the company’s coffee farmers and the land Starbucks coffee is grown on. 

As part of this commitment, Starbucks supports various farms and communities around the world through the implementation of its C.A.F.E. Practices ethical sourcing standards. Developed in collaboration with Conservation International, C.A.F.E. Practices is a verification program that measures farms against economic, social and environmental criteria, all designed to promote transparent, profitable and sustainable coffee growing practices while also protecting the well-being of coffee farmers and workers their families and their communities.

"We are proud to work hand in hand with Peruvian coffee growers to help them make the best decisions for their crops and for the environment," added Delgado. "Recently we’ve focused on two sustainable initiatives in Peru: reducing water usage by utilizing innovative mill equipment and lowering carbon emissions by understanding the soil composition and the proper use of fertilizers.”

By using innovative mill equipment, producers aim to reduce their water use in coffee de-pulping by up to 80%. Furthermore, understanding soil composition via soil sampling and adequate use of fertilizers is crucial to combatting climate change. These initiatives not only support remote farmers and communities but they also inform best practices shared through Starbucks Farmer Support Centers around the world.

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