Starbucks Argentina Receives LATAM APSAL® 2023 Award in Social Actions Category

  • The company was honored by the Association of Health and Food Professionals (APSAL) in its 2023 Awards for outstanding community connection through the year-round “Community Leaders” program and the impactful “Ads For Good” initiative held in June during Pride Month.

Buenos Aires, Argentina - Starbucks Argentina – operated by licensed business partner Alsea – is honored to receive the prestigious LATAM APSAL® 2023 Award in the Social Actions category, acknowledging the company’s contributions to the community through its “Community Leaders” program and “Ads For Good” initiative. The award recognizes Starbucks Argentina’s commitment to community connection and focus on hosting and supporting initiatives that contribute to creating a more inclusive society.

Since being established in 2020, Starbucks Argentina’s "Community Leaders" program has garnered recognition for its significant impact towards improving the quality of life for local community members. The initiative provides support and resources to foundations and nonprofit organizations embedded within the communities where Starbucks Argentina operates stores, including donation drives and collection campaigns; supporting organizations through The Starbucks Foundation’s Global Community Impact Grants program; and offering mentoring opportunities. All efforts within the program aim to reinforce community projects, help community members nurture key skills and create a lasting impact.

Soledad Fantuzzi, marketing manager of Starbucks South Cone (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay), expressed her gratitude upon receiving the award and highlighted the brand's commitment to building strong and sustainable communities. In addition, she noted that Starbucks South Cone will continue to strive to make a positive difference in people's lives and be a catalyst brand for social change.

The award was also granted in recognition of Starbucks “Ads For Good” campaign, which featured a traveling exhibition of creative pieces made by local advertising and graphic design agencies aimed at encouraging community reflection on the importance of diversity and inclusion to foster a culture of respect and non-discrimination.

“The promotion of inclusion is a fundamental pillar in our community approach, and we are constantly striving to create inclusive spaces to celebrate diversity. The opportunity to extend this commitment to the community through initiatives like Ads for Good fills us with pride,” added Soledad.

The  Association of Health and Food Professionals (Asociación Profesionales de Salud y Alimentos APSAL), is an institution created to stimulate the exchange of knowledge between all professionals in the food chain with their health peers in areas of common interest. In its 2023 Awards, the institution recognized Starbucks Argentina for outstanding community connection through the “Community Leaders” program and the impactful “Ads For Good” initiative held during Pride Month.

The LATAM APSAL® 2023 Award is a testament to Starbucks Argentina commitment to the community, demonstrating how the company goes beyond offering an in-store experience and excellent products to stand out as a leading brand in promoting positive and meaningful change in the community.