20 Starbucks stores in Latin America that will have you planning your next adventure

  • Our most unique stores to celebrate two decades of Starbucks in the region!

This year is very special for Starbucks as it marks our 20th anniversary in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). It’s been two decades since we opened our first Starbucks stores in the region – at Angel de la Independencia in Mexico City and Old San Juan in Puerto Rico ─ and it’s been an enriching experience throughout! Every opening has brought us closer to the wonderfully diverse communities of Latin America and helped us offer the Starbucks Experience to more customers.

From the warmth of our green apron partners that uplift the everyday in their interactions with customers to the beauty of the different landscapes, we’ve sought out to capture the region’s unique coffee heritage, as well as the essence and traditions of each specific location through the design of our stores.

To celebrate our 20th anniversary in LAC, let’s explore 20 of our most stunning stores that you can visit next time you are in the neighborhood for a cafecito or a cafezinho!

1.       Mexico City, Mexico

Market Entry: 2002

Back in 2002, Mexico City welcomed the first Starbucks store of Latin America. Today, with over 750 stores across the market, this cosmopolitan metropolis is also home to our first Reserve Bar in the region, where customers can find Starbucks premium coffee line, buy exclusive products and try out alternative coffee methods.

The store’s design highlights unique materials from different parts of Mexico, as well as lovely murals created by Edgar Saner depicting the market’s own coffee traditions.  

2.     Dorado, Puerto Rico

Market Entry: 2002

Little-known fact: the Dorado Express store is our first ever Starbucks Drive-Thru Only location in the Caribbean. Rightfully so, as Puerto Rico has a strong coffee tradition that calls for a Starbucks Experience that brings convenience, connection and, of course, personalization.

The store is located on the northern coast of Puerto Rico and its modern and practical design is both welcoming and uplifting.

3.     Santiago, Chile

Market Entry: 2003

Within the modern Las Condes neighborhood, known for its chic hotels and lively dining scene, you can find our first-ever Greener Store in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The store was designed to use 50% less water and produce 20% less carbon to help us reach our global sustainability goals.

The interior design is also environmentally friendly as the furniture and finishes are made out of recycled materials, a trend that we’ve seen in other Chilean stores.

Starbucks first entered Chile in 2003 with Isidoro Goyenechea store in Santiago. Since then, we’ve expanded to over 140 stores and the market has been a leader in sustainability, offering EV chargers for customers, launching a program to manage in-store food waste, and continuing to expand its plant-based menu.

4.     Lima, Peru

Market Entry: 2003

The Pan Americana Sur store features one of our most unique designs to say the least.

Right next to the emblematic Pan-American Highway, this is the first store in Latin America to be built using recycled shipping containers, part of a Starbucks green-building initiative to save water, energy and improve air quality.

Fittingly, it is also our first Drive-Thru format store in Peru. So, whether customers are picking up our latest whole bean coffee, stopping for a quick treat, or just wishing to take a break resting under a green umbrella on the store’s patio, we’ve got them covered.

5.     Nassau, Bahamas

Market Entry: 2005

The Bahamar, the secondstore in the Bahamas stands out due to its size – it’s one of the smallest stores in the region. However, size doesn’t matter as this fantastic little store is unforgettable.

The capsule-like design of this store is ideal for those seeking refuge from busy everyday life. The subtle details, such as the pink penny tile that pays tribute to colorful Bahamian design, the gold decals on the walls and the large dark glass mirror creates an airy ambiance of added depth.

6.     Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Market Entry: 2006

The Santos Dumont store is located inside Rio’s airport of the same name. Unlike other airport stores that blend in with the architecture and style of the buildings they’re found in, this particular Starbucks store stands out due to its minimalistic and beautiful design.

The artwork on the windows pays homage to the anniversary siren, while the bar’s woodwork is inspired by Ipanema’s iconic sidewalks. The warm colors of the walls and finishes evoke Rio’s stunning sunsets and sunrises, and the terrazzo flooring is reminiscent of the city’s beaches.

7.     Buenos Aires, Argentina

Market Entry: 2008

What people first notice about the La Lucila Starbucks store in Buenos Aires is the impressive exterior artwork that portrays two iconic Argentinian birds ─ the Cortarramas and the Gorrión ─ flying over a coffee plantation. Argentina’s national flower, the coral tree, is also represented in the mural painted by Fio Silva.

What’s also wonderful about the streetside art is that it can still be enjoyed by customers ordering their favorite beverages on the go. La Lucila store is the first Drive-Thru available in Argentina, meeting the needs of the Porteños, the people who inhabit the bustling city of Buenos Aires.

8.     Palm Beach, Aruba

Market Entry: 2009

In Aruba, the perfect coffee break awaits customers at the Marriott Stellaris lobby, where they can find a beautifully designed Starbucks store worthy of the idyllic island.

With a beautiful custom wood design representing the ocean waves and stunning hand-painted siren wall art, customers can feel the breeze even indoors.

9.     Antigua, Guatemala

Market Entry: 2011

In our special 1,500th store in Latin America and the Caribbean, customers can find high-quality arabica coffee from Guatemala, including the Guatemala Antigua whole bean coffee year-round.

Located just steps from the iconic Santa Catalina Arch in the city of Antigua, a UNESCO Heritage site, the building used to be a private residence dating back to the 1930s. Many of the original architectural elements have been restored and, as Starbucks tradition calls for, it features the work of local artists and designers.

The two store murals were created by local painter and muralist Alvaro Tzaj Yotz and represent the female work and legacy behind the Guatemalan coffee industry as well as the national flora and fauna such as hummingbirds and the wondrous quetzal.

10.             San Luis, Costa Rica

Market Entry: 2012

We cannot talk about remarkable Starbucks stores in Latin America without mentioning the café at our first-ever coffee farm: Hacienda Alsacia.

It is also the first of 10 Farmer Support Centers Starbucks operates, where farmers get free access to the latest agronomy findings. However, the best thing about Hacienda Alsacia is that it is open to visitors!

Located in the beautiful slopes of the Poas volcano in San Luis, Sabanilla, Alajuela, guests can enjoy a guided tour and experience the entire journey of a cup of coffee first-hand: from seedling, to roasting, to tasting.

11.  San Rafael, Costa Rica

Market Entry: 2012

The Multiplaza Escazú store in San Rafael features a design that mixes industrial finishes and hacienda-style furniture that evoke Alsacia’s craftmanship as well as the richness of Costa Rica’s rich flora and fauna through delicate murals inside the store and in the terrace area, by Majo Rodriguez.

12.              Cali, Colombia

Market Entry: 2014

Located in one of Colombia’s most iconic cities, the Starbucks store in Cali stands out due to its impressive circular design and the strong connection between the exterior and interior.

The glass walls surrounding the impressive building located inside the Jardín Plaza mall, lets visitors enjoy their favorite beverages while also appreciating the nearby gardens.

Cali was the third city Starbucks entered in Colombia. The company now operates stores across five cities, with the most recent opening in the vibrant coastal hub of Cartagena.

One interesting fact about our Colombia cafes is that all espresso-based handcrafted beverages are made with Colombian coffee.

13.                              Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Market Entry: 2014

Bolivia’s Café 24 store is located in one Santa Cruz’s most iconic buildings: the former residence of Melchor Pinto, a prominent local doctor and activist. It has been restored to its colonial style, preserving the original wood and hand-made cement tile floors and showcasing the beauty of the original architectural style.

Our team worked very closely with local artist Adolfo Torrico to develop a proposal that was relevant and appropriate for such a unique site. Inspired by the natural environment, culture, and traditions of local coffee farms, the mural celebrates the origin and heritage of Bolivian coffee.

14.              La Chorrera, Panama

Market Entry: 2015

The Drive-Thru experience of Panama’s Costa Verde store is enhanced by the beautiful artwork that surrounds the building.

Featuring green and turquoise flowers that blend in with the natural foliage of the Costa Verde community, this Starbucks store is the ideal spot for a casual meet-up with friends or a break from everyday activities whether customers wish to sit down or just pick up their favorite beverage.

15.              Chaguanas, Trinidad & Tobago

Market Entry: 2016

This Starbucks store truly embodies what a Third Place must be: an inviting destination to relax, unwind and connect.

The Endeavour store is not only the first Drive-Thru in the market but also includes an art installation that celebrates Trini people and their culture. Local artist Beverley Fitzwilliam Harries created a large painting using only coffee pigment for the store, featuring a coffee harvesting scene within a rich tropical landscape.

16.              Montego Bay, Jamaica

Market Entry: 2017

For Starbucks it is important to honor the communities where we’re located. This is why we actively collaborate with local artists to create unique artwork that best reflects their culture.

Local artist Fiona Godfrey created a colorful mural for Jamaica’s first Starbucks store at Doctor’s Cave beach that celebrates the best of Jamaica, from their national personalities, such as Usain Bolt, to world-famous coffee and it even includes the doctor bird, a hummingbird endemic to the island and a national symbol.

17.                             Punta del Este, Uruguay

Market Entry: 2018

The seaside town of Punta del Este, in the southeast part of Uruguay, is home to a very special Starbucks store.  With ocean-inspired murals by renowned street artist Nicolás Alfalfa, this store boasts an amazing location within walking distance of the popular Brava Beach.

There’s a beautiful terrace for customers to enjoy the views, and access to a pick-up window to grab beverages and food on-the-go.


18.              Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos

Market Entry: 2019

Although the Grand Turk store is rather new — it first opened its doors in 2019 — it has already become a sight to see within the island of Turks & Caicos and is a favorite with passengers visiting the island via cruise ship!

In sync with the traditional light colors found in other buildings across the island, the iconic pastel pink store evokes tranquility even before going in. Inside the store, customers can find a hand-painted mural by artist Maria Camila Bernal Toro showing the Starbucks Siren in a chromatic composition inspired by the natural colors of the island and an ethos of peace and warmth.

19.              Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Market Entry: 2020

Located on one of Santo Domingo’s most important avenues, right in the middle of the hustle-and-bustle of the city, the Acropolis store is waiting for customers to come in and enjoy.

This store also focuses on sustainability, as the terrace structure is capped with solar panels to source renewable energy for the store.

The walls are decorated with artwork by local photographer Guillermo Ricart, which portray the island’s harvest and coffee stories.  

20.            Bridgetown, Barbados

Market Entry: 2021

Located just minutes from the beautiful white sandy beach of Worthing, customers can find Barbados’ first Drive-Thru, the El Sueño Starbucks store, on the south coast of the island.

The historic building that used to be a lighthouse back in 1910 was renovated through a thoughtful adaptive reuse design and features dazzling murals using a special stencil work technique created by local artists Sandy Layne and Sonia Burke. The El Sueño store, as the name implies in Spanish, is a dream to behold.

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