Top 5 Things to See at Starbucks New Store in Antigua, Guatemala

Starbucks stores around the world are designed to celebrate local coffee culture and traditions while delivering delicious, handcrafted beverages. Our new café in the heart of Antigua, Guatemala – the first Starbucks location to open in the historic city – is no different. As part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the café was designed in partnership with a range of local artists and artisans to capture the artistic, warm and colorful spirit of Antigua.  

With much to discover through an immersive coffee experience, don’t miss some of the highlights of this beautiful 800 m2 store:  

  • Fall in Love with Guatemalan Folklore

Starbucks Antigua’s historic building was beautifully restored with the guidance of William Porras of Tres Mas Uno Arquitectos, a local architecture firm specializing in preservation and restoration in Antigua. At the store's main lobby, a unique piece of art from local artist Daniela Rivas displays the Volcano Agua – a 3,500m stratovolcano that towers over the city. A second piece in the Lounge room is a large-scale tapestry made from a combination of cotton, clay and wood, representing the roots of Guatemala. 

  • Hum with Happiness

The café features murals by local artist Alvaro Tzaj Yotz highlighting Antigua’s natural beauty and generations of Guatemalan women in the coffee industry. Next to the main coffee bar is a stunning painting depicting three women, portrayed as hummingbirds, nurturing a coffee tree and sharing its cherries. In Mayan culture, the hummingbird is considered a good omen and representation of past generations. See if you can spot all the little birds Alvaro has hidden throughout the store – hint: there are 50! 

  • Immerse yourself in a traditional Guatemalan patio

At the heart of the store, customers can gather in the courtyard to enjoy handcrafted Starbucks beverages and the company of friends and family. This space features another coffee bar, a large green wall designed by Hernán Perla of Ecojardines, and an abundance of local plants. Two fountains preserved from the original building create a soothing ambiance. One of the fountains showcases two mermaids that stand out from the wall, reminiscent of the iconic Starbucks siren. Every element of the courtyard brings to life the beautiful work of local artists: hand-woven furniture crafted by Lupita de Blanco of Dblanco, hand-made mosaic tabletops by Jorge Larios, concrete tables by Joan Lima and his team at Hortus, adorned with vibrant cushions from textile artisans Jackeline López and Danilo Bolbito of Museo Casa del Tejido Antiguo. 

  • Explore Rooms that highlight local traditions

Our new café boasts three gathering rooms, each with its own style highlighting local culture and tradition and featuring hand-made light fixtures by Megalamparas. The Sharing and Community Rooms both feature a captivating photo gallery wall with images from local photographers Gerson Cifuentes, Selvin Rodriguez and Celia Talbot Tobin celebrating local coffee farms as well as The Starbucks Foundation’s partnership with Mercy Corps.            

  • Enjoy Guatemalan wooden craftsmanship

In this one-of-a-kind store, you will find intricate wooden features at every corner. Local artisan Hugo Lopez hand-crafted the ornate wood detail and furniture found throughout the store, including the stunning carved bar front panels, moldings, community table, console tables, and wood benches in the courtyard. Hugo’s work effectively pulls all the artisans together into one beautiful store.  

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