Starbucks Deepens Collaboration with Habitat for Humanity to Positively Impact Local Communities in the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo - In partnership since 2020, The Starbucks Foundation, Starbucks Dominican Republic and Habitat for Humanity have continually strengthened their collaboration to positively impact local communities. This year, supported by The Starbucks Foundation’s Global Community Impact Grant program and marking the brand’s fourth anniversary in the market, a new project was implemented to support seven women microentrepreneurs who operate businesses from their homes.

With over 40% of households in the Dominican Republic led by women, who play a critical role in low-income sectors managing both productive activities and domestic responsibilities, the project aimed to integrate these entrepreneurs into the formal banking system through microcredits, enhancing their business infrastructure and income.

As part of this initiative, 55 Starbucks Dominican Republic partners (employees) participated as volunteers in service projects on June 11 and 12, contributing to construction tasks to ensure high-quality improvements in the microentrepreneurs’ business infrastructure, fostering significant economic and social development.

Since the inception of their partnership, The Starbucks Foundation, Starbucks Dominican Republic and Habitat for Humanity have impacted more than 260 people through various support programs aimed at empowering Dominican communities with decent housing. In 2022, this included supporting 16 families in improving their living conditions by progressively building their homes, facilitated by access to microcredit with financial allies.

Additionally, in 2021, 31 individuals received training on disaster risk management to enhance preparedness for emergencies during climate events. Moreover, 28 people underwent training in maintaining healthy homes, covering care and maintenance practices. Furthermore, 55 individuals acquired knowledge on organizing their family finances and prioritizing housing within their budgets.

Previously, in the form of a subsidy and supporting vulnerable families, Starbucks Dominican Republic and Habitat for Humanity have supported 14 additional families. Eight were impacted under the initiative to rebuild decent apartments called Floors to Play, together with the Inter-American Cement Federation. Two were supported during the recovery efforts from Hurricane Fiona in the east of the region and four were supported with a home painting program. Additionally, as part of its program to support vulnerable families, Starbucks Dominican Republic contributed to improving the living conditions of a coffee-growing family.

As part of their commitment to corporate social, The Starbucks Foundation, Starbucks Dominican Republic, along with Habitat for Humanity have carried out four construction brigades involving 148 volunteers, with an estimated 620 hours contributed since 2021. These brigades have supported families in improving their living conditions, including replacing dirt or poor-condition floors with concrete and painting work.