Starbucks Brazil launches brand-new Frappuccino flavor for Carnival

The Berry Frappuccino®️ Blended Beverage, made with blueberries, will be available in stores across Brazil starting on February 16*

São Paulo To liven up on hot Carnival days, Starbucks Brazil today announced the launch a brand-new cold drink: the Berry Frappuccino®️ Blended Beverage. The Frappuccino®️ has an innovative fruity flavor and surprisingly subtle strawberry base, combined with the intense, characteristic flavor of blueberries, providing an essential touch of acidity.

Offered for a limited time, the new Berry Frappuccino®️ will be available in Starbucks stores across Brazil starting on February 16, 2023, for R$ 20.00**, or it can be redeemed with 70 Starbucks Rewards program stars.

The Berry Frappuccino®️ complements Starbucks Brazil’s summer menu, which has several delicious and refreshing options to help customers enjoy the hot season and accompany them throughout the day. In addition, fans of the brand can also try the Starbucks®️ Single-Origin El Salvador Ahuachapán coffee, Starbucks®️ Molten Chocolate in Latte, Iced, and Frappuccino®️ Blended Beverage versions, and in the Refreshers®️ core menu, with the pitaya flavor as a special for this season.

Starbucks Rewards members get one star for every R$3.50 spent in Starbucks Brazil stores to add and redeem for a wide variety of items, including those on the seasonal menu. Through the Starbucks Brasil App, orders can be made and beverages customized.

* Starbucks Rewards members have early access on February 15, 2023.

** Prices may vary by region.

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