Starbucks brings new Pistachio Beverages to Brazil for Summer

The company introduces two new beverage families to the Brazilian market, Starbucks® Pistachio and Starbucks® Molten Chocolate, as well as the new Starbucks® Single-Origin El Salvador Ahuachapán coffee.

São Paulo – To further excite its customers and enhance the Starbucks Experience, starting today, Starbucks Brazil adds two new seasonal beverage options to its menu. Sure to please flavor palates, the new Starbucks® Pistachio and Starbucks® Molten Chocolate beverages – available in Frappuccino®, Latte and Iced versions – offer a variety of tastes and experiences for customers to enjoy. Additionally, Starbucks is releasing a new whole bean coffee, Starbucks® Single-Origin El Salvador Ahuachapán, that features a variety of rich and unique flavors that will take Starbucks Brazil customers on a global coffee journey.

"It is with great pride that we bring the Starbucks® Pistachio beverage family to Brazil this summer. We have seen that this is a very successful recipe internationally, so we cannot wait to bring it to our Brazilian customers for the first time this year. We invite our customers to come try it and share it with loved ones,” said Sedenir Junior, marketing manager at Starbucks Brazil.

The Starbucks® Pistachio family blends the traditional flavor of pistachio with the highest quality Starbucks arabica coffee, offering a delicious gastronomical experience. The Starbucks® Molten Chocolate family offers a full cocoa flavor for customers who love the combined taste of chocolate and coffee.

Throughout the Summer campaign, Brazilian customers will also be able to taste Starbucks newest whole bean coffee blend. Starbucks® Single-Origin El Salvador Ahuachapán is a light-roasted coffee, grown in the volcanic soil of the traditional coffee-growing region of Ahuachapán, in El Salvador. With a soft body and notes of cashew and cocoa, this versatile coffee is a great option for summer and can be enjoyed hot and iced, as well as cold brewed.

Learn more about Starbucks Brazil's Summer menu:

Starbucks® Pistachio – This summer, well-awaited beverage family makes its first appearance in Brazil. Mixing the traditional flavor of pistachio with Starbucks high-quality coffee, pistachio lovers will be pleasantly surprised with the taste of this great beverage innovation. Starbucks pistachio beverages are available in latte, iced, and Frappuccino® Blended Beverage formats. From R$20.00* or redeemed with 70 Starbucks Rewards stars.

Starbucks® Molten Chocolate – This innovation features our exceptional espresso combined with dark chocolate and pieces of melted chocolate when sipped as a hot version or crisp chocolate shavings when enjoyed as a Frappuccino® Blended Beverage. Sure to become chocolate lovers’ favorite new beverage, Starbucks molten chocolate is perfect for customers who love to add an extra shot of espresso. Available in latte, iced and Frappuccino® Blended Beverage formats. From R$20.00* or redeemed with 70 Starbucks Rewards stars.

Starbucks® Single-Origin El Salvador Ahuachapán – Offered for the first time in Brazil in 2023, this light roast coffee is grown in volcanic soil in El Salvador and brings a subtlety of flavors, featuring notes of cashew and cocoa. A great option to be enjoyed hot or cold, this new blend allows customers to experience the culture and history of one of the first coffee growing regions in Latin America. From R$50.00* or redeemed with 150 Starbucks Rewards stars.

Starbucks Summer beverages will be available at Starbucks stores in Brazil until February 27, 2023. As part of the Starbucks Rewards program, for every R$2.50 spent, customers receive a star to collect and exchange for items from the store, including seasonal menu products. Orders can be made and personalized in advance using the Starbucks app.

The new items can be purchased for a limited time, while supply lasts in stores throughout the country and through the Mobile Order and Pay program, available in selected stores through the Starbucks Brazil app.

*Price and availability may vary according to region. The price shown reflects pricing from Starbucks locations in São Paulo city.

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