Starbucks Mexico Launches Three Limited-Edition Beverages Created by Partners

  • Partners (employees) in Mexico City, Mérida, and Reynosa created the Ajolito Acaí Frappuccino®, Rosa Pitahaya Frappuccino® and Tricream Frappuccino®, available in select stores across Mexico from September 5 to 18.
  • A percentage of sales from the three limited-edition beverages will support environmental causes.

Mexico City – As part of Starbucks 20th anniversary in Mexico, the company invited its partners (employees of its local licensed operator, Alsea) to create special edition beverages inspired by the relationship between Starbucks and Mexico. As a result of this initiative, Starbucks Mexico selected three beverages – the Tricream Frappuccino®, Rosa Pitahaya Frappuccino®, and Ajolito Acaí Frappuccino® – which were created by partners in Reynosa, Tamaulipas; Mérida, Yucatán; and Mexico City, respectively. From September 5 to 18, a percentage of the sales of each beverage will be donated to organizations focused on preserving and caring for the environment.

The Ajolito Acaí Frappuccino® was created by partner Scarlet Cordero, who has worked as a barista in Mexico City for three years. The beverage is inspired by the axolotl, a small animal that is known to be representative of Mexico’s iconic Aztec culture. “I wanted to showcase the Mexican axolotl, that many people recognize because of its striking reddish-pink color, also present in this drink. The Frappuccino is the beverage our customers ask for the most, and this achievement represents a lot of pride for me, signifying the special moments I´ve had with customers and my fellow partners,” said Scarlet.

Cristian Rosales, who has worked for the brand for nine years, and Daniel Rodríguez, who has worked as a barista for a year and a half, created the Rosa Pitahaya Frappuccino®. The beverage is inspired by the warm, bright pink color of the bougainvillea, a blossoming ornamental plant that is part of Mexico’s identity and a hue that is also common in Mexican toys and textiles. Mérida partners Cristian and Daniel agree that “What you learn at Starbucks is useful not only for work, but also for life, family and friends.”

“The philosophy of serving our customers is very special,” shared Daniel. “At Starbucks, I have realized that those who arrive as customers depart as friends. I really appreciate the team’s values and want our customers to feel the same way,” added Cristian.

The Tricream Frappuccino® is a beverage inspired by the three colors of the Mexican flag and a people that are recognized as generous and cheerful. This beverage was created by partner Librado Alejandre (“Tenoch”) of Reynosa, Tamaulipas. “Being a Starbucks partner is one of the most enriching experiences in my career, and I am very happy to be part of this great family,” said Tenoch, who began his journey as a barista eight years ago.

A percentage of proceeds from these limited-time beverages will be donated to three Mexican organizations focused on preserving the environment.

  • The Ajolito Acai Frappuccino® will support Iniciativa Agroecológica Xochimilco A.C.’s Adopt a Chinampa Program aimed at revitalizing abandoned chinampas (floating gardens) and the conservation of native species, such as the axolotl.
  • The Rosa Pitahaya Frappuccino® will support the Sea Turtle Conservation Program run by Pronatura Yucatán Peninsula A.C. This program is aimed at protecting female sea turtles and contributing to the recovery of nesting areas.
  • The Tricream Frappuccino® will support the Reynosa Reddish Egret Conservation Program in partnership with Pronatura Noreste, A.C., a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and monitoring this bird’s population through training and awareness workshops.

For Starbucks Mexico, its 20th anniversary in the market provides an opportunity to celebrate and thank partners (employees), customers and communities who have been part of the Starbucks Experience and to look to the future, to the path we want to promote together.