Starbucks Peru’s “We Are All Coffee” Initiative Returns to Support Farmers in Cusco

  • Through July 10, Starbucks will donate a percentage of Peruvian whole bean coffee sales to assist coffee growers in the Quillabamba area outside of Cusco.
  • The donation will fund solar dryers, harvesting kits and water tanks for local farmers of Quillabamba. A group of 35 Peruvian partners (employees) will also visit Cusco to share the materials and equipment with local farmers.

Lima, Peru - Building on its commitment to ensure a sustainable future of coffee for all and to improve the quality of life for Peruvian coffee farmers, Starbucks Peru – managed by licensed retail operator Delosi – today announced increased support to Peruvian coffee producers in Cusco as part of its “Todos Somos Café” (“We Are All Coffee”) campaign. The initiative, launched in 2019, has supported farmers in Pangoa, Junín, and Jaén, Cajamarca, and this year expands to Quillabamba, Cusco.

The coffee growers of Cusco have faced significant challenges in recent years, including severe droughts that have caused substantial losses in their production. Given these circumstances and to commemorate the relaunch of Starbucks® Single-Origin Peru whole bean coffee, from now through July 10 Starbucks Peru will donate a portion of the profits from the sale of whole bean coffee nationwide to fund solar dryers, harvesting kits, and water tanks for the community of Quillabamba in Cusco.

How this helps coffee growers in Cusco

The solar dryers and harvesting kits will significantly impact coffee production processes, enabling local coffee growers to evaluate humidity and promote the standardization of the product. The water tanks are crucial due to the droughts in Quillabamba, which hinder the post-harvest process. Without adequate water, farmers cannot properly pulp and wash the fruit, risking declines in the coffee's quality.

"To honor the relaunch and new packaging of Starbucks Peru whole-bean coffee, we aim to reinforce our commitment to Peruvian coffee producers by expanding the reach of “Todos Somos Café” (“We Are All Coffee”). This initiative – spearheaded by our passionate green apron partners – invites our customers to join us in supporting the coffee farmers of Quillabamba, deepening connections across the bean to cup journey and allowing farmers to sustainably produce premium-quality coffee, while also boosting growth and improving their quality of life," added Cristel Delgado, manager of Starbucks Peru.

By reinforcing its commitment to protecting the planet and improving working conditions in coffee communities, Starbucks strives to ensure optimal performance in the coffee supply chain, helping to protect the environment and preserve natural resources for future generations.