Discover Starbucks 10 Most Iconic Greener Stores in Latin America and the Caribbean

Starbucks has committed to build all its new locations in Latin America and the Caribbean following the principles of its Greener Stores Framework. With over 130 Greener Stores across 19 markets in the region, the company has set a new standard in sustainable design.

Starbucks stores are known for providing warm and welcoming spaces to connect over coffee while offering a unique, signature experience no matter the location. But beyond serving as a global Third Place, the company has embarked on a journey toward resource-positive goals, aiming to help reduce environmental impact and leverage its scale for good.

Across its six operational regions, Starbucks is fervently transforming retail, creating lower-impact stores that minimize carbon emissions, water usage, and landfill waste. Guided by its Greener Stores Framework and unwavering Environmental Promise, Starbucks champions a give-more-than-we-take ethos, safeguarding the planet we share.

In celebration of certifying over 6,000 Greener Stores worldwide, Starbucks invites you to discover its 10 most iconic Greener Stores in Latin America and the Caribbean. From stores at the forefront of sustainable design to those seamlessly blending contemporary elements with a deep architectural and local heritage, these 10 iconic Starbucks locations stand out for achieving a perfect harmony between sustainability and design.

Pioneering Sustainable Design

1. Starbucks Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Starbucks 1600th store in the LAC region and second certified Greener Store in the Dominican Republic pays homage to the popular tourist destination often referred to as the “Jewel of the Caribbean”. Reflecting the area’s relaxed atmosphere and laid-back lifestyle, this stunning Greener Store was built using native materials including 'cana' (from the cane palms that abound in the area) and coral stone, emblematic of the local culture and environment. The store's furnishings are also crafted by Dominican artisans, employing authentic and ethically sourced materials in their construction. The 154 m2 store also features murals painted by local artist, Ivanna Candelier, telling the story of Starbucks bond with the Dominican land, the local people, and the magic of the coffee bean.

2. Starbucks Avándaro, Mexico

Located in the heart of Valle de Bravo, a favored ecotourism destination close to Mexico City, Starbucks Avándaro was specifically designed to save energy and water. This store is built with Mexican materials and sustainable furniture. Abundant natural lighting for over 14 hours helps reduce energy usage while other sustainable features, including water recycling, personal cup amplification and an electricity-only operating model, distinguish this as one of Starbucks most iconic Greener Stores in the region. ​   

3. Starbucks Alsacia, Costa Rica

The café at Hacienda Alsacia, Starbucks first and only coffee farm and global agronomy headquarters, is an open-air structure powered entirely by solar energy. In harmony with Starbucks Farmer Promise, which aims to secure a more sustainable future of coffee for all, this farm stands as the company's primary source of climate- and disease-resistant coffee varietals. Surrounding plants are indigenous, low-maintenance species, while textiles and furniture are all locally sourced. This iconic Greener Store is also equipped with EV charging stations and follows a comprehensive mixed recycling plan, with monthly waste diversion tracking.  

Preserving Local History

4. Starbucks Casco Antiguo, Panama

Nestled within Panama’s historic district of Casco Antiguo, a UNESCO World Heritage site and beloved tourist destination, this Starbucks café reverently celebrates local history, coffee heritage, and the area’s natural splendor. Featuring a one-of-a-kind design with architectural elements including stonework and traditional tiles – carefully preserved to maintain their authenticity – the Casco Antiguo Greener Store results in a warm and enchanting space that radiates local significance and historical charm. The store also showcases a mural made by local artist Maria Camila Bernal (pseudonym Remedios) who describes it as a “sunset in the tropics.”

5. Starbucks Antigua, Guatemala

Starbucks first store in Antigua, Guatemala, and 1500th in the LAC region, reflects the company’s deep respect and admiration for its local coffee, farmers, and communities. Located within a recognized UNESCO World Heritage site, Starbucks Antigua stands as a unique adaptive reuse project, designed in partnership with local artisans to safeguard the building’s inherent charm and historical value. As a certified Greener Store, this landmark location features an open-air layout enhanced by a beautiful traditional patio, facilitating natural ventilation. Inside, a biodigester effectively decomposes organic waste, minimizing reliance on conventional waste disposal methods. While there, don’t miss the beautiful murals by local artist Alvaro Tzaj Yotz highlighting Antigua’s natural beauty and generations of Guatemalan women in the coffee industry. 

6. Starbucks Amazonia Mall, Guyana

Situated at the Amazonia Mall, just outside the bustling capital city of Georgetown, Starbucks inaugural store in Guyana represents an intersection of convenience and connection. Constructed using ethically acquired and responsibly sourced materials, Starbucks Amazonia Mall is a warm and welcoming space that honors local textures, patterns, culture, and materials. Drawing inspiration from Guyana's vibrant rainforests and diverse wildlife, the store showcases a captivating four-piece wall mural by local artist Nigel "Nix" Butler, immersing visitors in a lush and natural paradise.   

7. Starbucks Casa Badillo, Colombia

In the heart of Cartagena's Old City, Starbucks Casa Badillo stands out for its unique architectural features and local artwork. Inspired by the colonial charm and eclectic atmosphere of this historic district, the store seamlessly blends traditional elements, including raw wood ceilings and concrete columns, with modern touches like contemporary furniture, intentional lighting, and white oak cladding. Certified as a Greener Store in 2023, Starbucks Casa Badillo adheres to the company's 25 essential sustainability standards with features including water filtration optimization, low-emission materials, and energy-efficient systems. Original hand-painted murals by local artist Alejandro Paucar create a special moment in the store by telling Colombia’s coffee story and evoking the care and passion of local coffee growers.

Trailblazing Innovation

8. Starbucks Paseo Los Dominicos, Chile

Starbucks inaugural Greener Store in Latin America and the Caribbean marked the company’s international expansion of its Greener Store Framework and pioneering step towards achieving resource-positive goals in the region. Unveiled in 2022, this landmark Greener Store was designed to minimize water usage and reduce carbon emissions. Notable features include a water reuse system, low-consumption toilets, and AI-controlled lighting and air conditioning for energy efficiency. Starbucks Paseo Los Dominicos also shines as Starbucks top "For-Hereware" store in the region, prioritizing ceramic tableware for stay-in customers.

9. Starbucks Frutales, Peru 

Selected as Starbucks first Greener Store of the Year in the LAC region, the Frutales store in Lima, Peru, excels in innovation and environmental impact through more efficient use of resources. Every partner at this location has successfully completed the Greener Apron program – a specialized course that delves into sustainability practices, aiming to reduce waste and enhance our ecological footprint. Adorned with a captivating mural by Peruvian artist Selva, this iconic Greener Store beautifully encapsulates the artist’s profound connection with our environment, inviting visitors to experience its intimate and harmonious ambiance firsthand.

10. Starbucks Dorado Express, Puerto Rico

Starbucks inaugural drive-thru only location in the LAC region was designed to meet Puerto Rican customers' needs of convenience, connection and personalization while offering fresh and memorable experiences. Featuring a beautiful walk-up window and a comfortable sitting area, Starbucks Dorado Express, located on the northern coast of this vibrant Caribbean Island, offers a modern and practical design, convenient for both customers on-the-go and those who prefer to relax outside in a calming atmosphere.