This Halloween, Fall Under the Spell of the New Abracadabra Starbucks Refresher® Iced Beverage

This bewitching limited-edition beverage will be available in Latin America and the Caribbean from October 26th to November 1st, celebrating the most spooktacular holiday of the year.

Seattle, WA - Direct from the witch’s bubbling cauldron to stores across Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), Starbucks is conjuring up its brand-new eerie elixir – the Abracadabra Starbucks Refresher® Iced Beverage. This limited-edition concoction will enchant customers of select Starbucks locations from October 26 to November 1, 2023.

This tantalizing potion features the mesmerizing Pitaya Starbucks Refresher® Iced Beverage with a luscious layer of vanilla cream. The final flourish is the mystical Matcha Cold Foam, a creamy topping meticulously created by frothing the finest skimmed milk. The result is a sumptuously rich and refreshingly unique sipping experience.

The vibrant Pitaya Starbucks Refresher® Iced Beverage serves as the perfect foundation for this magical elixir. With its enticing color and sweet, tangy flavor, it lays the groundwork for what's to come. When vanilla cream is introduced, it skillfully crafts a harmonious blend of flavors, striking a delicate balance with fruity pitaya notes that will undoubtedly leave customers’ palates craving more with every sip. Finally, the Matcha Cold Foam imparts a smooth, velvety texture, further enhancing the depth of the elixir.

The Abracadabra Starbucks Refresher® Iced Beverage is more than just a sweet drink; it's a bewitching adventure for the taste buds. As customers take their first sip, they'll be transported into a world of flavors that dance across the palate like a spellbinding incantation.

This intriguing creation will be available for a limited time in LAC. Please note that prices may vary by location.