The Starbucks Foundation and Planet Water Foundation Partner to Provide Safe Drinking Water for Communities in Lurín

  • In collaboration with Planet Water Foundation, volunteers from Starbucks Peru constructed a water tower in the Lurin district of capital city Lima, providing 1,800 Peruvians in vulnerable living conditions with daily access to clean drinking water.
  • Through support from The Starbucks Foundation, the project shares information with community members about the importance of proper water sanitation to combat germs and avoid disease.

Lima, Peru – Aligned with its sustainability strategy and commitment to positively impact vulnerable communities, Starbucks Peru expanded its volunteer program in collaboration with The Starbucks Foundation and Planet Water Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing clean water to children and communities worldwide, through construction of a second AquaTower for vulnerable communities in Peru.

Across the market, Peruvians continue to experience a crisis due to the difficulty in providing schools access to clean water. According to the Ministry of Education, 58% of national schools have access to water through the public network, while other educational institutions rely on water supplied by tanker trucks, public fountains, wells, or direct access from rivers. In recognition of the ongoing difficulty providing children with clean, healthy water, this partnership demonstrates significant community support, with volunteer efforts carried out most recently at the Rinconada del Puruhuay School in Lurín.

Through this initiative, Starbucks Peru partners (employees) installed a water tower, filters and sinks at a local school to provide the students with access to clean drinking water and handwashing facilities. In addition to constructing and installing accessible water sites, the Starbucks Peru volunteers taught students about water sanitation and health, including learnings about germs, how germs are spread, the correct way to wash hands, and general healthy hygiene habits to reduce the spread of disease. This project was the second activation by Starbucks Peru with Planet Water Foundation and The Starbucks Foundation, since the first tower in Peru was jointly installed in 2022.

“Thanks to the assistance of our partners, the Rinconada de Puruhuay community now has access to clean drinking water, which will help prevent many diseases. Both young students and their families will benefit from these efforts, and we hope to extend this gift of clean water, that is critical for children’s health to more local schools,” said Cristel Delgado, brand manager of Starbucks Peru.

A global partnership to bring clean water to local communities

In addition to launching in Peru, the partnership with Planet Water Foundation aims to bring clean water to local communities at a global scale. The Starbucks Foundation has implemented the project globally, now benefitting children across eleven markets in Asia and Latin America. To date, the Starbucks collaboration with Planet Water Foundation has resulted in construction of 57 AquaTowers globally, providing clean, safe drinking water to more than 102,600 children and members of vulnerable communities.

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