Starbucks partners with Planet Water Foundation to promote access to safe drinking water for Peruvians

The Starbucks Foundation and volunteers from Starbucks Peru joined Planet Water Foundation to build a water filtration tower at the Virgen de Chapi School in Lurin.

The project builds on a 12-year partnership between The Starbucks Foundation and Planet Water Foundation to deliver clean water to ten markets, impacting up to 1,800 children and members of vulnerable communities.

Lima - As part of Starbucks commitment to positively impact the communities it serves, Starbucks – operated by licensed business partner Delosi in Peru – and The Starbucks Foundation partnered with Planet Water Foundation to install an AquaTower water filtration system at the Virgen de Chapi School in Lurin, Lima Province. The event, held in December 2022, punctuated a year of significant volunteering and sustainability initiatives led by Starbucks Peru.

Planet Water Foundation is a nonprofit organization that strives to bring clean water to the world's most impoverished communities. Their water tower program has positively impacted ten markets in Asia Pacific and Latin America and the Caribbean, including Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, and last year expanded to Guatemala, Peru and Colombia for the first time. In 2022, The Starbucks Foundation and Planet Water Foundation partnership has provided clean, safe drinking water to up to 21,600 children and members of vulnerable communities.

Peru’s National Institute of Statistics and Information pointed out in a report that between 7 and 8 million Peruvians still do not have access to basic water services, demonstrating a key need that the partnership aims to support. To address this, a group of Starbucks Peru volunteers visited Virgen de Chapi School in Lurin to install an AquaTower water filtration system, which will provide clean water to up to 1,800 people a day. In addition, Starbucks Peru volunteers led hygiene education and handwashing activities with students to promote health and hygiene behaviors.

“Thanks to The Starbucks Foundation grant support and Starbucks partners engagement, our children and the members of each family in our locality will benefit from having access to drinking water, helping community members avoid many diseases caused by unclean water. I hope that more schools can receive this gift of clean water that is essential for the health of our children,” said Luis Cabrera, principal of Colegio Virgen de Chapi IE 7078.