Starbucks Mexico Celebrates Nine Years of Supporting Local Coffee Growers through “We All Grow Coffee” Program

  • For the first time, Starbucks Mexico’s “Todos Sembramos Café" program will extend its support to the state of Nayarit through a donation of 50,000 rust-resistant coffee plants to local coffee growers.
  • Since the program’s launch in 2014, Starbucks Mexico has donated over 4.2 million rust-resistant coffee trees to farmers in Chiapas, Oaxaca, Puebla and Veracruz.

Mexico City - Reinforcing its commitment to Mexican coffee farmers, Starbucks Mexico – operated by licensed retail partner Alsea – today announced the return of the “We All Grow Coffee” (“Todos Sembramos Café”) program where rust-resistant coffee plants are donated to local farmers across Mexico.

This year, Starbucks Mexico has set the goal of donating more than 625,000 rust-resistant coffee plants through customer, partner (employee) and company donations, in an effort to benefit five coffee-growing states across the Mexican Republic. Among the states that will benefit from this initiative, Chiapas will receive more than 200,000 plants, Puebla will receive 150,000 plants, Oaxaca will receive 100,000 plants, and Veracruz will receive 125,000 plants. As the most recently added state to the program, Nayarit will receive 50,000 plants.

This year, Starbucks México will also allocate one million pesos for the construction of a classroom for local children in La Huasteca, Veracruz. This classroom will be located at the Poxtla Farm and will benefit 150 families of coffee growers in the area and more than 50 children who will continue to attend their classes without delaying their academic cycle.

How to take part

Customers can support sustainable coffee growing practices by visiting their local Starbucks Mexico store where:

  • For each bag of whole bean coffee purchased throughout the year in select stores across the market and through Starbucks Rewards® Delivery, Didi Food, Rappi and Uber Eats, Starbucks Mexico will donate one rust-resistant coffee plant. Whole bean coffees included in the program are Chiapas, Colombia, Espresso, Kenya, Sumatra, Verona, Peru Mujeres de Junín and Pike Place.
  • From June 27 to August 10, customers can donate 10 pesos directly at the point of sale of participating Starbucks locations or via Starbucks Rewards® before concluding their purchase, to guarantee that a rust-resistant coffee plant is delivered to coffee producers in participating states.

“The growth of the “Todos Sembramos Café” program in recent years reflects Starbucks Mexico's commitment to making a positive impact in the communities in which we have a presence. Our progress is a testament to the active involvement of our green apron partners and customers in supporting Mexican coffee growers by providing them with access to rust-resistant coffee plants,” said Francisco Tosso, managing director at Starbucks Mexico. “We are thrilled that this year’s campaign will benefit additional coffee communities across the market, including local farmers in Nayarit – a state with close to 5,000 coffee producers growing coffee on 17,000 hectares. Nayarit's history with coffee is magical; although it’s not one of the sates with the highest production of coffee in Mexico, its varied climate allows for the development of beautiful coffee plants.”

Reflecting on “Todos Sembramos Café” Impact

Starbucks commitment to ensuring a sustainable future of coffee for all begins with strengthening coffee-growing communities around the world. The “Todos Sembramos Café” program was created in Mexico in 2014, in collaboration with Starbucks trusted licensee Alsea. The program was initially designed in response to a decline in coffee production due to rust attacking coffee plants. The program aims to assist coffee growers by replacing their diseased crops with rust-resistant coffee plants.

Throughout the eight years of the "Todos Sembramos Café" program’s existence, Starbucks Mexico has donated over 4.2 million rust-resistant coffee plants to coffee farmers in Chiapas, Oaxaca, Puebla, and Veracruz.

“Todos Sembramos Café” inspired the creation of Starbucks global “One Tree for Every Bag” initiative in 2015, followed by the Starbucks Mexico “100 million Trees Commitment” in 2017. In 2023, Colombia – also operated by Alsea – launched a similar initiative to support local coffee growers with the donation of native trees.

In 2022, through the invaluable support and contributions from customers and partners, Starbucks Mexico donated 647,000 rust-resistant coffee plants to 72 coffee growers in Chiapas, Oaxaca, Puebla and, for the first time, Veracruz. As part of the arrival of "Todos Sembramos Café" in Veracruz, Starbucks México – in alliance with the Autonomous University of Chapingo – installed a soil analysis laboratory through which local coffee growers can assess soil nutrient levels and receive cost-effective fertilization recommendations. The work taking place at the laboratory will ensure optimal coffee cultivation through a quick and affordable diagnosis of nutrients in their farms.

“At Alsea, we are tremendously proud to have been a part of the creation of the ‘Todos Sembramos Café’ program, with years of positive impact in service of our coffee farmers across Mexico and the model replicated in other markets where Starbucks has a presence. As we continue to expand this program in our ninth year of the campaign, we look forward to working closely with Starbucks Farmer Support Center in Chiapas to understand the needs of Mexican coffee farmers and how we can best support their important work,” concluded Armando Torrado, managing director at Alsea.