Starbucks Chile Celebrates 20 Years of Coffeehouse Connections with the Rhythms of Local Music

  • In alliance with the Chilean Society of Musical Authors and Performers, Starbucks Chile will be hosting a series of intimate musical sessions featuring artists who are shaping the current music landscape.
  • These “Starbucks Star Stage” sessions will take place in iconic stores across the market and will be live-streamed through social media.
  • Series kicks off with Soulfia performance, to be played across Starbucks Chile social channels on August 25.

Santiago, Chile – Starbucks Chile, operated local licensed retail partner Alsea, today announced the celebration of its 20th anniversary in the market with the launch of the “Starbucks Star Stage” series.  

Over the past two decades, Starbucks has continued to elevate the customer experience across Chile, providing unique and innovative experiences in its stores and an assortment of beverages. To celebrate this important milestone together with the community, and in alliance with Pulsar Awards — a project promoted by the Chilean Society of Musical Authors and Performers (SCD) — a series of three live music sessions with talented emerging local artists, will take place at select Starbucks Chile stores. The artists are all nominees or winners of SCD’s most important awards – the Best Urban Music Artist (Mejor Artista de Musica Urbana) – Winner and Best New Artist (Mejor Nuevo o Nueva Artista) – Winner.

With an unwavering commitment to uplifting the everyday for its customers, since its arrival in Chile in 2003, the company has persistently strived to offer a wide variety of high-quality arabica coffees, providing customers with an unparalleled experience in each and every cup. Likewise, music has become an essential part of each customer's in-store experience – allowing stores to transform into the Third Place – a warm and welcoming space between home and work where everyone belongs.

“We are thrilled to mark our 20th anniversary of retail presence in Chile with this special musical series featuring the unique rhythms of local artists. For two decades, we have worked tirelessly to elevate the coffee experience in Chile, and we are grateful for the support and loyalty of our customers," said Claudia Aburto, director of Starbucks South Cone, a division of Alsea. “Celebrating this milestone alongside our partners (employees), clients and the Chilean music community resonates perfectly with the coffeehouse culture we’ve cultivated over these years. We look forward to sharing the ‘Starbucks Star Stage’ experience with those joining us in person and virtually, ”she added.

“This alliance with one of the world’s most important coffee chains is a very positive sign for our scene and shows the enormous value that local artists acquire every day. With this first cycle of performances, we are opening paths and building bridges, so that from now on Chilean music gains more presence in Starbucks stores, an example that we hope can be followed by many more companies,” said Rodrigo Osorio, President of SCD.

The live music sessions will take place in Starbucks most iconic stores throughout the market, giving customers the opportunity to enjoy their favorite artists in an intimate setting. The series pays tribute to Chile's vibrant music culture, and expresses gratitude to the dedicated Starbucks fans  and Starbucks Rewards members who have stood by the company throughout these past two decades.

The inaugural event kicks off with the participation of the renowned local artist Soulfia, an urban music performer. Soulfia recorded a session at Chile’s flagship café – the Isidora store, located in San Sebastián, Las Condes. The performance will be unveiled across Starbucks and Soulfia’s social networks on August 25, marking the initiation on an exciting journey featuring surprise artists in the months ahead.

"Through these live music sessions, we want to celebrate together with our community and express our gratitude through music and coffee, two elements that have been fundamental in our history in Chile," added Soledad Fantuzzi, marketing manager of Starbucks South Cone.

Starbucks invites the Chilean community to join its 20th anniversary celebrations by connecting to the music live sessions through social media live-stream, which will be announced in advance on Starbucks Chile’s social media channels.