Starbucks Argentina Offers Free Coffee for Voters this Sunday

  • As part of the company’s “Starbucks Votes” civic engagement campaign, customers can enjoy a complimentary tall-size coffee of the day at any Starbucks Argentina store on Sunday, November 19, by presenting proof of casting their vote in Argentina’s general election.
  • The campaign will run in Starbucks Argentina’s 130+ stores from opening to 1pm on November 19.

Argentina - In an effort to strengthen the community through the voices and ballots of its citizens, Starbucks Argentina – managed by licensed business operator Alsea – today announced its first-ever Starbucks Votes campaign.

This initiative seeks to acknowledge partners (employees), customers and community members who participate in Argentina’s general election by offering a complimentary tall-size Coffee of the Day to all voters who stop by their nearest Starbucks Argentina store on Sunday, November 19, and show proof of casting their vote. The offer will run across Starbucks Argentina’s 130 stores from opening to 1pm on November 19. The promotion will also be available on November 20 for citizens who fulfilled the role of table members/staffed the election.

“We are thrilled to debut the Starbucks Votes campaign in Argentina as a token of appreciation for our community’s civic engagement,” said Soledad Fantuzzi, marketing manager Starbucks South Cone. “We have led this unprecedented initiative in other markets across the region, consistently receiving a positive response from participants who eagerly exercise their right to vote and savor their Starbucks coffee. We hope that, just like in other markets, this initiative becomes a tradition in Argentina, allowing us to maintain a meaningful connection with our community.”

Customers can visit the Starbucks Argentina store locator to find the nearest location and hours of operation.