During Earth Month, Starbucks Peru Celebrates its Commitment to the Planet and Sustainability Initiatives

Within the framework of the Global Month of Good, Starbucks joined the NGO Proa to carry out various volunteer activities to benefit the community and the environment.

Lima, Peru – Starbucks is a company committed to creating a positive impact in the world. With more than 400,000 green apron partners and over 36,000 stores globally, the brand has a unique opportunity to create impact at scale.

Each April, Starbucks green apron partners come together for Global Month of Good, an initiative that brings together thousands of partners and customers, along with hundreds of nonprofit organizations around the world, to create lasting and meaningful change in the communities they serve. April is also Earth Month, which provides an opportunity to also celebrate Starbucks commitments to the planet and sustainability initiatives.

Local impact initiatives

As part of this year's Global Month of Good and in celebration of Earth Month, Starbucks Peru and its partners participated in a variety of volunteer activities with local NGO Proa that benefitted both the community and the environment. The commitment of this non-profit organization is to create a more supportive world where there are no barriers to help. That is why, as an organization, they support Starbucks to motivate and manage their volunteers to carry out actions to benefit the communities.

Over 50 Starbucks Peru partners participated in a beach cleanup, carried out in Playa Carpayo, one of the most contaminated beaches in Latin America. Volunteers picked up 210 kg of trash at the beach and learned about the importance of preserving aquatic ecosystems.

Another 68 Starbucks Peru partners participated in a tree planting project at Lomas de Villa María del Triunfo. Volunteers received the tools, materials and training necessary to carry out the activity together with an expert in arborization and together planted 50 trees in an extension of 3,000 m2. This action promotes well-being and health of people and helps mitigate the impact of the environment.

"At Starbucks, we are committed to the well-being of our communities and the planet. As Community Champions, our partners have the opportunity to inspire and nurture the human spirit, cultivate connections inside and outside of stores, and create a positive impact for people and the environment," affirmed Cristel Delgado, Manager of Brand of Starbucks Peru.

By empowering partners to create change in their communities, Starbucks is making a positive impact around the world, creating stronger communities.