Todos Sembramos Café Returns at Starbucks Stores Across Mexico; Announces Soil Analysis Laboratory for Coffee Farmers through a Partnership with Chapingo Autonomous University

  • The laboratory – providing Mexican coffee growers with affordable soil analyses – is made possible through donations contributed as part of the company’s Todos Sembramos Café program
  • Annual program returns for its 8th year where company donates rust-resistant coffee plants to coffee growers in Chiapas, Oaxaca, Puebla, and, for the first time, Veracruz.

Mexico City – To further strengthen its commitment to supporting Mexican coffee growers, Starbucks today announced the return of its Todos Sembramos Café program in Mexico – an initiative that started eight years ago to address the ongoing threat of leaf rust to farmers by donating rust-resistant coffee trees for every bag of whole bean coffee sold. This year, Starbucks is expanding the program, with a percentage of proceeds also going to Chapingo Autonomous University to install a soil analysis laboratory in Huatusco, Veracruz. The expansion of the program builds on the company’s 20 years of serving customers and positively impacting communities across Mexico.

Ensuring the livelihoods of coffee farmers

Working with Chapingo Autonomous University, the company will open a laboratory to analyze soil nutrients and provide fertilization recommendations for optimal coffee cultivation giving coffee farmers a quick and affordable diagnosis of the soil nutrients on their farms. that coffee growers.

In addition to deepening and sharing soil and cultivation best practices, the Starbucks Mexico and Chapingo Autonomous University partnership:

  • Strengthens support for Mexican coffee growers who belong (or do not belong) to the Starbucks C.A.F.É. Practices program featuring broad social, environmental, and economic guidelines and criteria that, if followed, sustains, and strengthens coffee-growing communities while maintaining Starbucks high-quality standards.
  • Establishes strategies to develop the productive structure of coffee plots and maintains long-term productivity.
  • Improves the quality of coffee thanks to the proper nutrients applied according to the soil analysis.

“For Chapingo Autonomous University, it is very significant to have a state-of-the-art soil analysis laboratory, which will allow different coffee-growing communities in the country to improve the quality of their coffee, thanks to a correct and precise diagnosis of soil needs. We are pleased to contribute to the sustainability of coffee in collaboration with Starbucks Mexico through the Todos Sembramos Café program,” said Dr. José Solís Ramírez, rector of Chapingo Autonomous University.

Eight years of celebrating Todos Sembramos Café

Starbucks commitment to ensuring a sustainable future of coffee for all begins with strengthening the communities that grow coffee across the globe. Todos Sembramos Café program was created in Mexico in 2014 in response to a drop in coffee production due to the rust, a fungus attacking coffee trees. The program supports coffee growers by replacing diseased crops with rust-tolerant coffee plants.

Over the past eight years, Starbucks has donated more than three million rust-resistant coffee trees to coffee growers in Chiapas, Oaxaca, and Puebla through the Todos Sembramos Café program. This year, Starbucks will donate an additional 740,000 plants to these states and this year will also expand to Veracruz, thanks to the support of partners (employees) and customers.

The Todos Sembramos Café program inspired the creation of One Tree for Every Bag in 2015, followed by Starbucks commitment to providing 100 Million Trees in 2017. To date, Starbucks has distributed more than 28 million rust-resistant coffee trees to Mexican coffee growers through these initiatives.

Earlier this year, Starbucks Mexico reinforced its commitment to support Mexican coffee growers, families and communities by donating an ecological wet mill to the Totonacapan coffee cooperative in Zongozotla, Puebla, through the Todos Sembramos Café program.

With the ecological wet processing of coffee, Starbucks Mexico will support more than 9,600 Mexican coffee growers belonging to the Totonacapan coffee cooperative annually, boosting farmers productivity and profitability while reducing the ecological footprint of their coffee cultivation processes.

Why donate to Todos Sembramos Café?

We believe we should give back more than we take from the planet and coffee is only sustainable through consistent and shared efforts. Customers can join us to support sustainable coffee farming practices by visiting their Starbucks store, where:

• For every whole bean coffee that customers purchase at participating stores across the market, and through Starbucks ® Rewards Delivery, Didi Food, Rappi and Uber Eats, Starbucks Mexico will donate one rust-tolerant coffee plant. Starbucks Rewards customers will receive an additional ten stars when purchasing a bag of whole bean coffee (all year).

• From June 27 to August 21, customers can also donate 10 pesos directly at the point of sale of the participating stores to ensure delivery of a coffee plant to producers nationwide.