Starbucks Global Academy Launches across its Latin America and the Caribbean Region

  • Developed in collaboration with Arizona State University, the online learning platform is available to partners (employees), customers and community members at no cost, with courses offered in six languages, now including Spanish.
  • First Spanish-language offering is the Greener Apron program, focused on ways to incorporate sustainability practices into one’s daily life.

Seattle, WA – Starbucks Coffee Company today announced the launch of Starbucks Global Academy (SGA) across its 22 markets in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). SGA is a barrier-free, global learning platform providing Starbucks partners (employees), customers, and community members open access to world-class courses and educational materials designed to improve careers and strengthen communities. The online platform empowers learners to achieve their personal and professional goals through innovative curriculum and learning tools from top-ranked Arizona State University, grounded in Starbucks deep expertise and global social impact aspirations.

“Committed to fueling a passion for learning, we are pleased to launch the Starbucks Global Academy in Latin America and the Caribbean, offering enriching content in multiple languages,” said Tom Ferguson, president of Latin America and the Caribbean. “As Starbucks celebrates 20 years of retail presence in the region, we remain dedicated to removing barriers to education and providing access to world-class learning experiences for all.”

Initially launched in the US in 2017, and now with a community of over 100,000 learners, SGA online courses for LAC will include Starbucks Coffee Academy, To Be Welcoming, Third Place Development Series and the Greener Apron sustainability program, which will be the first course offered in Spanish with more courses available in the coming months. Starbucks Mexico is the first market to roll out the Greener Apron program to their store partners in July 2022.

The Greener Apron program builds on Starbucks aspiration to become a resource-positive company by giving back more than it takes from the planet. The course includes an immersion into global environmental challenges the world is facing and how various players are leading with solutions. It also provides insights into Starbucks daily global efforts to lead the way towards a sustainable business practice, along with case studies and insights that enable partners to make changes in their own lives.

“Headlining our launch of Starbucks Global Academy in Latin America and the Caribbean is our popular Greener Apron course. The Greener Apron program focuses on Starbucks approach to reducing its environmental impact and provides access to course materials designed to give emerging sustainability champions the tools they need to lead by example,” said Brian Nethero, Associate Director of Starbucks Global Academy, Arizona State University. “We are thrilled to launch all of Starbucks Global Academy, including Greener Apron, to the broader Latin American and the Caribbean region and invite you to join our global learning community,” added Nethero.

Community members who wish to enroll in the Starbucks Greener Apron program can access the Starbucks Global Academy educational platform by visiting the following link: