This is how we celebrate Pride in Latin America

For Starbucks, being people’s "third place" means offering quality coffee and products, but above all, it means creating a space of inclusion in which all people feel safe and respected.

Following our values of acting with courage and finding new ways to grow our company and each other, we work every day to make Starbucks an increasingly diverse and inclusive place for partners and customers alike.

This Pride month, we want to share the initiatives and efforts we actively promote in the region to contribute to greater inclusion in the communities we serve.

Keep on being just who you are

For the third consecutive year, the EU SOU project in Brazil offers free legal and psychological support for partners who wish to put their real name and gender on their official papers.

This year a new phase of this initiative began with the employability of trans people in the country added to the project’s goals. The campaign takes a new step to support the LGBTQIA2+ community through job interviews and a training program designed specifically for members of the trans community who apply for jobs at Starbucks.

"Inclusion is critical to Starbucks as a company," said Sandra Collier, director of marketing, loyalty and ESG for SouthRock, the brand's licensee in the country. "With the expansion of EU SOU, Starbucks Brazil confirms its commitment to achieving tangible and lasting change by facilitating the entry of members of the trans community into the workforce."

Added to these efforts is the launch of a very special beverage, the Pride Frappuccino®, which will be available from June 16 to 19 in stores. Starbucks Brazil will donate the net proceeds from the sales to different LGBTQIA2+ advocacy associations as well as to partners participating in the São Paulo Pride Parade that took place on June 19.

All profits from the sale of the Pride Frappuccino® will be donated to LGBTQIA2+ advocacy associations.
More inclusive and more connected

This year, Starbucks Chile was recognized as a Company A within Pride Connection, a network that seeks to promote inclusive workspaces for sexual diversity and to generate alliances to attract LGBTQIA2+ talent to the different organizations that comprise it.

We also obtained the Equidad Chile certification from the Human Rights Campaign for our work promoting the inclusion of the LGBTQIA2+ community.

Starbucks Chile also launched the "Academy of the Future" program in partnership with the Selenna Foundation, the only school for transgender students in the country.

This program is designed to offer training, resources, and a welcoming space for people in the trans community.

The ADS FOR GOOD campaign carries on in Chile ─ and is being expanded to Argentina and Uruguay ─, which calls on university students to make graphic pieces for associations in favor of diversity and inclusion to contribute to raising awareness on the subject.

The final pieces will be exhibited in different stores in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay to bring the theme closer to our clients and give visibility to the foundations.

A third place for everyone

To reinforce Starbucks' commitment to diversity, store and corporate partners in Argentina received training on Human Rights, sexual diversity, and interculturality.

Additionally, Buenos Aires’ stores were recognized by the City Government’s Buenos Aires Convive program with the certificate of Space Committed to Diversity, which distinguishes places that encourage good coexistence and inclusion.

A partner for nearly a decade, Lean celebrates Starbucks culture of diversity and inclusion.

“Starbucks for me is not just a job; it is a space of connection that allows me to transcend beyond the counter,” says Lean, a partner of Starbucks Argentina for 8 years and who today serves as manager of the Bellini store in Buenos Aires. “What I enjoy most about working here is feeling free and being able to express myself as I am. It represents the possibility of being genuine, authentic, and happy. That is why I am proud to belong to this family, where I am respected as I am”.

Still a long way to go

While we are proud of the positive results we have achieved so far in terms of diversity and inclusion in the region, we are aware that there’s still much to be done.

Our mission is and always will be to inspire and nurture the human spirit, which is why we will continue to work towards inclusion and diversity by creating increasingly empathetic and tolerant spaces where everyone feels like they belong.

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