Starbucks Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay Launch 4th Annual Ads For Good Initiative

  • Starbucks Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay extend an open invitation to the general public to participate in its Ads For Good initiative.
  • The Ads For Good exhibition showcases the talents of creative agencies and designers from Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay, and now, for the first time, includes the participation of Starbucks customers and followers.
  • The initiative is also presented in Colombia for the first time this year.
  • The exhibition aims to highlight talent and creativity as tools for raising awareness and sparking conversations that contribute to building a better society.

Santiago, Chile - Starbucks Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay– managed by licensed retail operator Alsea- announced the fourth edition of the Ads for Good campaign, marking a milestone in its ongoing commitment to inclusion and non-discrimination. Starbucks stores will transform into spaces of creative expression, hosting a series of traveling exhibitions that promise to inspire and connect with the brand’s customers through powerful messages and meaningful art.

Starting Wednesday, June 26, the public can view the pieces exhibited in a virtual gallery. Additionally, a selection of 16 advertising pieces chosen by the brand will be physically exhibited, honoring those who contributed their creativity and commitment to the community, inviting reflections on inclusion.

This initiative coincides with Pride Month, emphasizing a space free of discrimination for partners (employees), customers and communities. It aims to establish guidelines that promote a culture of respect for diversity, labor equality and non-discrimination, ensuring the recognition of all and fostering an inclusive and diverse environment as a long-term ally and defender of the LGBTQI+ community.

"For our Ads for Good campaign, we issued an open call to agencies and institutions as we have in previous years, but for this edition we decided to also invite the entire Starbucks community – including customers and social media followers – to participate. We aim to encourage the whole community to reflect on these important societal issues through a lens of creativity. Under the concept of ‘Everyday Pride’, we want to leave a mark of integrity among our partners, customers and communities,” said María José Ugalde, Human Resources Manager of Starbucks Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

For the second consecutive year, the initiative is hosting a virtual gallery, showcasing over 70 pieces thanks to the participation of numerous individuals, creative agencies and institutions. This unique virtual experience invites continued reflection from mobile devices, allowing viewers to appreciate creativity from different countries with a single click on this link

"We are very happy to have included new markets in this initiative. We extend our gratitude to the contributors of our fourth Ads for Good for their valuable input and strong sense of community. Thanks to their support, we are advancing awareness about the importance of diversity and inclusion to build a better society together," added Soledad Fantuzzi, Marketing Manager of Starbucks Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay.