Starbucks South Cone Launches Limited-edition Beverages Created by Partners

  • The initiative comes as Starbucks celebrates significant anniversaries across Chile (20 years), Argentina (10 years) and Uruguay (5 years) in 2023 and in the wake of International Coffee Day. Starbucks will offer beverages created by partners (employees) in their respective markets of origin during the month of October.
  • Partners Daniel from Argentina, Maria Ignacia from Chile and Brisa from Uruguay, competed in nationwide competitions and created three new drinks: Alfajor Frappuccino®, Leche Asada Frappuccino® and Dulce de Leche Shaken Espresso Frío®, available for a limited time in their respective markets.

Santiago, Chile - Starbucks South Cone –operated by licensed business partner Alsea– invited its partners (employees) to create limited-edition beverages inspired by regional traditions in celebration of the brand's twentieth, fifteenth and fifth anniversaries in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, respectively.

As part of this initiative and in celebration of partners' creativity, three innovative beverages were selected as winners: Alfajor Frappuccino®, Leche Asada Frappuccino® and Dulce de Leche Shaken Espresso Frío®. The drinks will be available in select stores, depending on the market where the barista created the drink from October 10 until the end of the month.

The Alfajor Frappuccino® was created by partner Daniel, who works as a barista at the Castex store in Argentina. The drink is made up of milk, mixed with Mocha and sweet milk cream, with a cream base that will delight your palate, which ends with sweet milk cream and a delicate Caramel Drizzle decoration.

María Ignacia, who works at the Génesis store in Chile, created the Leche Asada Frappuccino® drink. The drink is a combination of rich Cinnamon Dolce syrup and dulce de leche, mixed with a buttery cream base, and finished with a classic touch of cinnamon.

Dulce de Leche Shaken Espresso Frío®, created by Brisa de la Tienda Intendencia Uruguay, is an Espresso poured over ice and mixed with dulce de leche, vanilla syrup and soy milk, well stirred.

"We are delighted to celebrate Coffee Month with drinks designed by our own partners (employees). This action is part of our conviction to continue creating human connections, innovating products and offering new experiences to each of our customers, always in close collaboration with our partners" added Soledad Fantuzzi, Starbucks marketing director for Starbucks South Cone.