Starbucks South Cone Collaborates with Nonprofit Organizations in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

  • Starbucks South Cone is partnering with various non-profit organizations to support the battle against breast cancer by promoting awareness and providing vital information to encourage early detection and treatment.

Santiago, Chile - Starbucks South Cone, operated by licensed business operator Alsea, today announced the launch of an information campaign to support non-profit organizations dedicated to breast cancer awareness. The campaign, which will include dissemination of informative materials and in-store discussions, will run throughout the month of October in alignment with Pink Month, a global initiative to raise awareness of breast cancer  and increase support for those impacted by the disease.

Breast cancer, which predominantly affects women, originates in the cells of the breast. Early detection significantly improves the effectiveness of treatment, potentially saving countless lives and diminishing the impact of the disease. To support in the fight against breast cancer, Starbucks South Cone has joined multiple campaigns in support of the cause, starting in Chile through a collaboration with the Arturo López Pérez Foundation (FALP), a non-profit organization committed to combatting breast cancer and providing timely support and access to detection materials for vulnerable families through a highly specialized cancer center. The campaign focuses on the importance of regular mammograms, emphasizing that self-examination alone is insufficient for breast cancer detection.

On the other hand, in Uruguay, the brand will share information about non-profit organization Hilo Rosa’s breast cancer awareness campaign, on its various in-store platforms. Hilo Rosa's mission is to support and accompany cancer patients and their families, while encouraging specialized screenings to promote early detection.

In Argentina, Starbucks will partner with the non-profit organization Enlazadas, which was founded in 2013 by breast cancer survivors to promote awareness about early detection. Since 2013, the organization has promoted early detection support through appointments with an interdisciplinary team of professionals and by providing resources to individuals diagnosed with or affected by breast cancer.

To spread this important message and provide support throughout the month, Starbucks South Cone will share information through its online communication channels and digital screens in over 300 stores across Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. To further engage with audiences, Starbucks will host awareness talks throughout October, aimed at sharing information about mammography and early detection with partners (employees), customers and communities.

“From the very beginning, Starbucks has set out to be a different kind of company: one that is driven by the purpose to create positive impact and that deeply cares about the well-being of the communities it serves. Our partnership with the organizations we will be joining in this significant awareness campaign, which has the potential to save lives, fills us with pride. It’s a responsibility that we take to heart as a brand,” said Soledad Fantuzzi, marketing manager Starbucks South Cone.