Starbucks Peru opens photography exhibition to propel the inclusion of people with Down syndrome

In the context of World Down Syndrome Day, Starbucks Peru honors those living with Down syndrome and shares their stories through a photography exhibition at the Miraflores district.

Lima, Peru – On March 21, in recognition of World Down Syndrome Day, Starbucks – operated by licensed business partner Delosi in Peru – inaugurated the photography exhibition “Elijo lo que quiero hacer” (“I choose what I want to do”), an initiative to combat discrimination of the working capacity of people with Down syndrome. The exhibition – located within Parque Salazar at Miraflores district (Malecón de la Reserva, block 6) – showcases the stories of Ximena, Jaime and Wilfredo, Starbucks partners (employees), as well as actors Octavio, Paola and Diana.

Integral to Starbucks culture, the company seeks to create spaces and experiences where all are welcome. With its commitment to inclusion and diversity, Starbucks Peru is committed to furthering development of leadership skills to provide opportunities for people living with Down syndrome to help them strengthen their abilities and feel greater inclusion in the broader community.

Starbucks Peru is supported in efforts to combat discrimination towards the Down syndrome community by local nonprofit organization, Teatro La Plaza. For over five years, La Plaza has staged performances of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” fully performed by talented actors with Down syndrome who share testimonies of how they are free to choose their profession and do whatever they want to do.

“Through this exhibition, we want to share our partners’ stories that inspire us to be better human beings and who teach us to eliminate prejudice and to be more empathetic,” said Cristel Delgado, Business Unit Manager of Starbucks Peru.  

Additionally, Starbucks Peru partnered with the Retos Center Attention to Diversity program, which focuses on providing attention and resources for children, adolescents, youth and adults with intellectual disabilities, with the purpose of helping them develop leadership skills. With an evolved goal to focus on inclusion, the program has since been renamed “Opportunity for All.”

Context in Peru

According to the National Registry of People with Disabilities of CONADIS, about 20 thousand Peruvians are living with Down syndrome. In honor of the Down syndrome community throughout the world, the United Nations established March 21st as World Down Syndrome Day.

The holiday is intended to generate greater public awareness of the community while recognizing the inherent dignity and valuable contributions of people with intellectual disabilities, as promoters of well-being and diversity in their communities. In addition, this date highlights the significance of their autonomy and independence, as well as their freedom to make decisions of their own. 

The exhibition will be open to the public from March 21 to 28 to celebrate the people who, through their stories, inspire us to work together to create better opportunities for everyone.