Starbucks Mexico expands plant-based options on its menu

  • Starbucks Mexico customers will have the option to enjoy two new plant-based products, the NotBurger Baguette and the NotChicken Baguette with Guacamole, both offered with the option of NotMayo.
  • These plant-based products further Starbucks commitment to reduce its carbon footprint by 50% while also offering customers a range of food and beverage options that meet their preferences and fit their lifestyles.

Mexico City - Starbucks Mexico today announced the expansion of its food menu with the introduction of two new plant-based options made with NotCo products – the NotChicken® Baguette and NotBurger® Baguette.

The NotChicken® Baguette is made entirely with plant-based ingredients including peach, peas and corn, while the NotBurger® Baguette includes a plant-based mixture of peas, coconut, rice, cocoa and beets. Customers can complement both sandwiches with NotMayo®, a 100% plant-based emulsion with a flavor, smell and texture similar to mayonnaise.

“We recognize that our customers have their own preferences, and we strive to serve each one in a personalized way, across all aspects of our business,” said Bibiana Rosique, head of Marketing for Starbucks Mexico. “We will continue to expand our plant-based menu in service of Starbucks goal to become a resource-positive company – giving more than we take from the planet."

Starbucks Mexico began offering plant-based options to customers  in 2006, with the introduction of soy beverages and, since then, has added four additional alternative milks to its menu, including almond, oat milk, coconut, and, most recently, NotMilk® which was introduced in August 2022.

The overall well-being of customers is a focus for Starbucks globally and the brand strives to offer plant-based and regular menus that fit clients’ lifestyles and provide healthy and balanced options for a range of palates. Starbucks Mexico started communicating the nutritional value of beverages and food in 2014. That same year, the preparation of all drinks with light milk was announced, to reduce the caloric content by up to 31%.

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