Starbucks Brazil Welcomes the Winter Season by Introducing New Flavors and Whole Bean Coffee

Customers can enjoy the irresistible Starbucks® Churros beverage family and the new Starbucks® Bombom beverage family, along with new Starbucks® Single-Origin Perú Mujeres de Junín whole bean coffee as part of the winter menu.

Sao Paulo – To celebrate the start of the winter season, Starbucks Brazil – locally operated by SouthRock – today announced the return of the iconic Starbucks® Churros beverage family and the launch of new Starbucks® Bombom beverages as part of the seasonal menu, with versions that match the varied Brazilian Winter. The brand also launched Starbucks® Perú Mujeres de Junín, a new single-origin coffee rich in history and flavor. Customers can now try the new and returning winter menu items by visiting Starbucks locations across the market.

"This season, we invite our customers to slow down and take time to reconnect with themselves, enjoying special moments with those they love and creating memories with a Starbucks beverage in hand," said Sedenir Junior, marketing manager at Starbucks Brazil. "We are introducing two long-awaited and well-loved beverage families, both available in hot and iced versions to pair with the varying winter weather across the market," added Sedenir.

The customer-favorite Starbucks® Churros beverage family makes a return to the market, featuring the perfect combination of traditional doce de leite paired with the subtlety of cinnamon. Churro lovers can enjoy the drink in a variety of ways, from latte to iced or Frappuccino® versions – starting at R$ 17.00 or through the redemption of 70 Starbucks Rewards stars – or as an espresso, starting at R$ 10.50, or through the redemption of 30 Starbucks Rewards® stars.

The new Starbucks® Bombom beverage family combines decadent white mocha with the rich flavor of hazelnut and crispy chocochip, referencing traditional Brazilian chocolate truffles. The new flavor was created by partner Lorena Santos in 2021, during the Barista Build Beverage campaign, and became a great success throughout Latin America. This combination, which quickly became a fan-favorite in the region, now arrives in Brazil available as a latte, iced, or blended as a Frappuccino® – from R$ 17.00 or through the redemption of 70 Starbucks Rewards stars.

Also new to the menu, customers will be able to enjoy the Starbucks® Single-Origin Perú Mujeres de JunÍn whole bean coffee. This medium-roasted coffee is grown by an all women farmer producers association from the Junín region located in the central plateau of Peru - an area full of culture and biodiversity. The launch of this new coffee represents the love and passion that women farmers deliver in everything they do and encompasses part of the Junín women's story, while demonstrating Starbucks commitment to responsibly sourcing coffee and empowering women farmers. Featuring notes of sweet meringue and chocolate, Starbucks® Single-Origin Perú Mujeres de JunÍn promises to surprise coffee lovers with every sip.

The packaging artwork was inspired by Mother Earth, known in Latin America as Pachamama (Mother Earth), who presides over planting and harvesting. The design also incorporates mountains and valleys that shape the region’s nature and culture, creating a combination of vibrant colors that creates a sense of warmth while recognizing significant local traditions. The graphic shape of the cloud alludes to the aroma of coffee beans and pays homage to the spirit of artisanal excellence. Starbucks® Single-Origin Perú Mujeres de JunÍn whole bean coffee will be available in stores across the market until August 21, for R$ 53.00 or by redeeming 150 Starbucks Rewards stars.

Customers who purchase the whole bean coffee in stores have the option to have it ground by baristas for free, according to their preferred method of preparation. Additionally, Starbucks Rewards members receive one star for every R$3.50 spent on products to collect and exchange for in-store items, including seasonal menu items. Orders can be made and beverages customized using the Starbucks Brasil app.

Winter beverages are now available at Starbucks stores in Brazil and through the Mobile Order program, available in select stores, via the Starbucks Brasil app, while supplies last.

*Prices and availability may vary according to the region and are stated for São Paulo city street stores.

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