Starbucks South Cone Hosts Beverage Tournament Inspired by Cobra Kai

  • To mark the fifth season premiere of the hit Netflix series Cobra Kai, Starbucks South Cone hosts a coffee vs. tea beverage tournament from September 9 to 15.
  • The winning beverage from the weeklong battle will be featured in a 2-for-1 promotion from September 16 to 18.

Santiago, Chile – Starbucks – operated by licensee Alsea in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay (the “South Cone” region) – announced a brand activation to celebrate the fifth season premiere of the Netflix’s hit series Cobra Kai. For this special activation, an All Valley beverage tournament will be staged between Cobra Kai Dojo, represented by Starbucks coffee beverages, and Miyagi-Do Dojo, represented by Starbucks tea beverages.

The tournament – which sees a daily “battle” of coffee vs. tea pairings with the winner decided by the highest sales between the two beverages – will be held from September 9 to 12 across the South Cone region. The first round will be Flat White vs. Green Lemon Tea and then the classic Americano will face Mint Citrus. But it doesn’t stop there, an epic battle between Latte Macchiato and English Breakfast will follow, ending with Espresso Doppio vs the beloved Chai Tea Latte. To support one’s favorite beverage in the tournament, all customers need to do is order it on the day of its “battle.”

The semifinals will be held on September 13 and 14, with the beverages in this stage being the best-selling from the day of their respective battle. The winning beverage from the tournament will have an exclusive 2-for-1 promotion from September 16 to 18 in South Cone.

“We are thrilled to continue growing our Netflix partnership with this Cobra Kai launch,
 said Soledad Fantuzzi, Marketing Manager for Starbucks South Cone. “Starbucks strives to bring new and creative experiences to our customers, and we look forward to witnessing the excitement of the coffee vs. tea beverage battles in our stores.”

With this tournament, Starbucks seeks to create unique and unforgettable experiences to connect partners (employees) and customers. Activations include pop-up events, beverage launches, and other unique contests related to upcoming releases of popular series.

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