Starbucks Mexico expands alternative milk offering with oatmilk

  • Alongside soy, coconut and almond milk, oatmilk joins Starbucks growing list of non-dairy options.
  • Starbucks introduces two new seasonal menu items made with oatmilk: Cocoa Macchiato and Hazelnut Latte.

MEXICO CITY - Starting on August 23, Starbucks customers across Mexico can enjoy oatmilk alongside existing menu of non-dairy milk alternatives. In addition to soy, coconut, and almond milks, oatmilk will be available at most stores nationwide providing customers with even more options to meet their personal tastes and lifestyles.

As customers’ preferences evolve, Starbucks continues to enhance personalization and expand plant-based menu options. Starbucks arrived in Mexico, in 2002, already offering non-dairy milk at its stores with soymilk, diversified the option with coconutmilk in 2015, followed by almondmilk in 2016. Now with oatmilk, the creamy, delicious, plant-based alternative pairs perfectly with Starbucks espresso, including two new seasonal beverages: Cocoa Macchiato, made with oatmilk and espresso, topped with a mocha spiral; and Hazelnut Latte, with espresso, oat milk and hazelnut flavor. Both beverages can be enjoyed hot or iced.

“We’re pleased to bring oatmilk to Starbucks stores in Mexico. We are committed to constantly reimagining our menu to offer our customers a range of food and beverage options that meet their preferences and fit their lifestyle”, said Bibiana Rosique, Marketing Director at Starbucks Mexico. “We will continue bringing our customers added personalization, more sustainable options and new opportunities to experience beverage innovation at Starbucks”.

The oatmilk as a personalization based on plant-based options and the two new beverages will be available for delivery and pick up in all the stores nation-wide. Expanding Starbucks plant-based menu globally is one of the ways the company is pursuing its goal to reduce its carbon footprint by 50 percent. Starbucks aims to provide customers a variety of choices as part of their Starbucks Experience, and with hundreds of ways to customize a drink at Starbucks there is a personalized option for everyone to enjoy.