This Valentine’s Day have a coffee date with a twist

Asking someone out for a coffee may seem a bit too traditional for some, but there are ways to make it an extraordinary date. At Starbucks we are always excited to celebrate connections between people and what better occasion for this than on Valentine’s Day?! This is why we’ve come up with some ideas that can take a seemingly run-of-the-mill coffee date to the next level. 

On the go

Who says you must stay put on a coffee date? The world’s your oyster. Switch things up by going on a picturesque stroll, a bike ride or you could even ask your partner to go skating!

Whether you choose to sit at a park and partake in people watching, comment on the scenery as you ride by or even see who can skate the fastest, take your coffee with you! Make it theme-appropriate and environmentally friendly with Starbucks new adorable reusable cups. There’s a variety of styles to choose from that are perfect for hot beverages or a delicious, iced beverage on the go. Plus, reusables cups and drinkware can be a lovely memento of your meet cute!

Taste the love

A box of candy is a Valentine’s Day classic, so why not incorporate it into your next coffee date? Starbucks Love Bonbon Latte is the perfect choice for this, and the gorgeous mix of white chocolate, mocha, espresso, and hazelnut will most definitely make your date flavorful and, of course, unforgettable. Available to personalize with your favorite milk alternative across Latin America and the Caribbean from February 10 to 15.

Say it with a cuppa

Tell your crush how you feel, surprise your bestie, or remind that special someone in your life how important they are to you, through a unique Valentine.

Forget the flower bouquet and instead send love, kisses, and delicious Starbucks treats via UberEats! From February 10 to February 15, you can make your order and send it along with a personalized message in the cup. “You’re brew-tiful”, “Thanks a latte for being my friend”, whatever you want to share, just click on the "Send it as a Gift" message in the UberEats app and start delivering a whole lotta love.

Now you know how to make this Valentine’s Day an affair to remember, so let’s go beyond coffee and make it about connection, wherever you are in the region.

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