Tamara, store manager – Canada

Starbucks mission and values match my own personal values. Empathy and community mean a lot to me. Ethical purchasing practices mean a lot to me.  

(Many years ago), we had just launched a Starbucks Reserve coffee that was a first offering from a co-op in Africa run by women – Burundi Ngozi. This was a groundbreaking time for female African coffee growers and my baristas were so inspired to share this story of empowerment in our industry. This is where I made it my mission to share my passion for coffee, coffee stories and coffee education.

I love seeing partners engage with our customers around coffee stories. Taking passionate partners and having them pursue (the) Coffee Master (program) has been something I feel is incredibly important for our partner experience. Over the past 6 months, I have had four partners at my location become Coffee Masters, all future female leaders for Starbucks.