Coffee: An ode to the experience behind the iconic beverage​

At Starbucks, when we say you should always expect more than coffee, we mean it. ​

Since the very beginning, we’ve strived to be different, to offer more than what people imagine possible from a coffee shop, because we know that coffee is more than a beverage.

A cup of coffee can evoke strong memories of places, people, and experiences. It can unite family, friends, and even strangers. However, there’s also a rich story behind the coffee beans, one of community and hard work. It takes many hands to craft the perfect cup of coffee.​

It all begins at the start of coffee’s journey, where thousands of nimble hands plant, harvest and pick the best high-quality arabica coffee beans. Then, experienced hands roast them to make up the unique flavors that our iconic coffee blends are known for. Finally, Once in the store, other sets of loving hands, those of our baristas, create handcrafted beverages just the way you like them each time you enter your favorite Starbucks store.​​

This International Coffee Day and throughout the month of October, we celebrate coffee and the people that make it possible through our Commemorative Reusable Cup!​

Created in Starbucks signature green, this special new design showcases our iconic twin-tailed siren and conjures up the hard work and skill found throughout the bean-to-cup journey. At her hands, coffee cherries are blooming from a cup representing the origins of the coffee she’s about to sip. ​

This reusable cup stands out as a symbol of the story behind its content. It honors coffee and also the people whose hard work and skilled craft make coffee experiences possible. ​

You can find this beautiful cup starting this International Coffee Day and all throughout October while supplies last. Also, stay tuned because there will be giveaways this October 1st in local stores all across the region!​

So now you know, this International Coffee Day is a special date for coffee, of course, but also an opportunity to acknowledge the culture, the tradition, and work behind it. ​​

For it is thanks to the people and communities behind each beverage we make that we are able to fulfill our mission to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.

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