2020 Starbucks Global Environmental and Social Impact Report

This page shows data from our 2020 Report. For the most up-to-date goals and progress, see our 2021 Global Environmental & Social Impact Report.

With a mission to inspire and nurture the human spirit, Starbucks has always looked to make positive connections and impacts on people and communities around the world. This summary shows our progress in fiscal 2020, including our achievements, highlights and goals for work to come.

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Our Goals and Impact

Navigating a Global Pandemic

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our Starbucks partners, customers and communities have been resilient and inspiring in the face of unprecedented challenges. Our activities in FY20 and FY21 to date have been guided by three principles we established toward the beginning of the pandemic, and we continually provide updates on our pandemic-related efforts here.

Our Guiding Principles

① Prioritizing the health and well-being of our partners (employees) and customers.

② Playing a constructive role in supporting health and government officials as they work to mitigate the spread of the virus. 

③ Showing up in positive and responsible ways to serve
our communities.

Over the past few years we have reimagined the third place. One which remains focused on human connection, evolved to meet our customers where they are, and where we can all find community and acceptance. Acceptance without exception. Inclusion in every way. We are, most certainly, built for this moment.


A message from Kevin Johnson: Our 2020 impact

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Supporting documents and data tables for the 2020 Report, including the Impact Summary Scorecard, Planet Positive Performance and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board Reporting, can be found here. FY20 Third Party Independent Verification and Assurance Reports can be found here.