For Starbucks, women are a fundamental part of the future of coffee

We know that in addition to inspiration, women are agents of change. Where a woman thrives, an entire ecosystem prospers. For this reason, we support women from all over the world to empower them and thus change the destiny of their communities.

Within the context of International Women's Day, we want to recall some of the stories about key players in the region, from coffee growers to baristas, who are doing their bit in the coffee journey while also making a better future for coffee possible.

From beginning to end, coffee is a place for women

Starbucks seeks to empower partners who work in the final stretch before your coffee reaches the cup and is ready to be enjoyed.

The brand continually works to create an environment in which women feel free to flourish professionally. We can see this reflected in the fact that the majority of partners in the stores in El Salvador, Guatemala and Costa Rica are women.

Women inject a natural balance into the world of coffee.

Also, in Bolivia 65% of the team are women who perform in an exemplary manner and in Mexico 56% of store managers are women, and of these, 90% have been promoted in the last two years. "Women are strong, powerful and creative, we inject a natural balance into the world of coffee, where until a few years ago we did not have a greater presence," says Mildred Núñez, District Manager who supervises 12 stores in Cancun, and leads a team that is 75% women.

Impact starts at the root

In the journey coffee makes from bean to cup, women have always been essential. For this reason, Starbucks has various initiatives and programs that support women coffee growers in Latin America and the world.

The C.A.F.E. Practices program provides training in agricultural practices and guidance on basic crop management so women can participate equally in critical decisions regarding coffee cultivation.

In Mexico, for example, several coffee-growing communities are already part of the program. One of these is the Totonacapan Coffee Cooperative, in the state of Puebla. Made up of 29 women who participate in each step of the coffee production process, the Cooperative seeks to help women to be administrators of their own plot and cultivate using the best practices.

Women are an essential part of the coffee journey. PHOTO: Roberto Beltrán.

In Santander, Colombia, coffee is an ancient tradition in which women play an essential role. It is there, in the heart of the Andean mountains, where the coffee for one of the most special Starbucks blends is grown.

Starbucks® Colombia Santander has a bold and robust flavor, with sweet apple notes, which in addition to being a treat to the palate, is a source of pride since it is grown 100% by women from the region in a country where only 3 out of 10 coffee farmers are women.

This full-body medium-roast Arabica coffee reflects the passion of Santanderean women feel for the fruit of their land and the strength of their commitment to their community.

Needless to say, the dedication of Latin American women is one of the most important ingredients to create fertile lands where both coffee and the dreams of coffee growers can bear fruit for generations.

Donations to keep growing strong

For Starbucks, success must be shared, which is why we are committed to generating a positive impact based on opportunity and inclusion in the communities where we work.

Since 2018, the Starbucks Foundation has partnered with nonprofits around the world to support 250,000 women and girls in communities of origin, including investing $14 million in grants. This is why this International Women's Day, we share our new goal to positively impact 1 million women and girls by 2030.

The brand keeps on developing programs related to female leadership, access to finance, and healthy homes in coffee and tea-producing communities in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Furthermore, the Starbucks Foundation will unveil 20 new grants to empower more than 70,000 women and girls as leaders in their communities thus accelerating progress toward our new goal.

In Costa Rica, Bon Voyage is one of the many initiatives supported by Starbucks Foundation that seeks to give women better opportunities.

These donations will propel the important work of protecting lives and livelihoods within coffee-growing communities, with continued support for women's access to clean water, sanitation, and economic resilience.

Since its founding, Starbucks has been dedicated to creating equal opportunities for all. The brand strongly believes in putting partners first and investing in their success and well-being while also creating a culture in which everyone is welcome.

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On International Women’s Day, Starbucks celebrates the women leading the way in the coffee business